Accelerate purpose

Drive Execution

Organizational Diagnostic

Leaders require both strategic and tactical tools to facilitate this new business imperative. An organizational diagnostic provides a way to determine which tools will pave the way for instituting the best tactics to reinforce the company’s Purpose so the organization can Execute to its full potential.


Administer an organizational diagnostic within your organization at all levels.


Determine the Purpose Meets Execution principles your organization needs to institutionalize a scalable initiative for your executives, managers and employees.


Present findings and recommend interventions to the leadership team in a facilitated session.

Individual Development Assessment

Does everyone understand your organization’s purpose? Are they aligned with it?

Provide training and other interventions designed specifically to instill an aligned sense of purpose throughout the organization.

Individual Developmental Assessment

An Individual Developmental Assessment aligns each person’s purpose with the organization’s purpose, thereby accelerating employee engagement and supporting targeted execution.

These assessments reveal strengths and opportunities, so learners can focus and maximize their efforts appropriately and intelligently.


Correcting imbalances between purpose and execution to enable organizations to accelerate people engagement (employee and customer) and drive exceptional and sustainable business results. 

Program Overview

WHO: Executives and managers looking to accelerate purpose and drive execution.

THE EXPERIENCE: Confidential sessions framed by the Purpose Meets Execution platform in order to facilitate candid discussion and expert feedback.

FORMAT: One-on-one sessions, in-person or remote.

Online Learning

Training that follows a clear, powerful learning strategy encompassing tested purpose and execution competencies.

Program Overview

WHO: Employees, managers and executives.

THE EXPERIENCE: Each 3-minute video delivers key insights on developing skills at the individual and organizational levels to accelerate purpose and drive execution.

RELEVANCE: Targeted activities that encourage employees to reflect and act upon video content in order to increase their purpose alignment, engagement and enhance their goal execution.

SUSTAINABILITY: Backed by rigorous instructional design and organizational change strategy.

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